2019.9.27 Cankui Zhang /Assistant Professor学术报告
发布时间: 2019-09-23 浏览次数: 14

报告题目:Sugar translocation, mRNA movement and mineral deficiency responses in the plant vasculature

报告人:Cankui Zhang /Assistant Professor,博士生导师;美国普渡大学农学系植物研究中心




Phloem is a major component in the vasculature system and has long been recognized as a tissue that transports carbohydrates. The phloem loading mechanisms of apoplastic and symplastic polymer trapping were established in 1990s; while the “passive” symplastic phloem loading mechanism in tree species has only been recently discovered. In this talk, I will describe our research in which poplar is used to experimentally validate the “passive” phloem mechanism. In addition to the traditional role of phloem tissues, it has been realized that this tissue also participates in whole plant communication and signaling processes. I will discuss our most recent findings on the shoot-to-root movement of mRNAs and the possible molecular and physiological mechanisms associated with this long distance traffic. In the last part of my talk, I will briefly introduce the exciting discoveries that our lab have made on the involvement of vascular tissues to abiotic stressors such as phosphorus deficiency and drought.